5 New Best Android Launchers of 2019 | Don’t Miss!

best launchers 2019
5 new best launchers of 2019

Have you been looking around for some fresh launchers? Honestly, me too. We have heard and used all the popular launchers like Nova, Evie launcher etc. and Honestly I’m really bored of using these. Even though you can use dozens of new icon packs every day. But they all get old and boring at some point. This is why I went to the play store and started my search for finding some fresh and cool launchers. And today I present you my List for the 5 New Best Launchers of 2019!

before that let’s discuss:

What’s an Android Launcher?

Android is very much known for its flexibility and compatibility of various third-party apps. One of which are launchers. Android Launchers have been there for a long time now. You can use launchers to customise your home screen and change the way it looks and works.

We have seen a huge improvement in the functions of a launcher. Third party launchers can avail many features which your default system launchers lack. You can further customise these third-party launchers with several icon packs that are also available for free on the Google Play Store.

Why Should You Use a Custom Android Launcher?

Android Launchers are made for giving you fresh and different looks and functions that your stock your system launcher can’t. You can have various styles of launchers in your phone as you like.

Different Launchers provide different functionality. You can either use a productive or quick launcher or even go for a fancier and unique looking one.

By using third party launcher you can bring many customisation options to your phone such as many stock launchers do not have the option to hide an app from the app drawer, but after you use some third-party launcher you will then be able to hide any app from the app drawer.

Another reason to use a third-party launcher is if you don’t like the system launcher. For example, many people do not like the stock launcher which is available in MIUI devices. It does not have an app drawer because of which many people hate it. So what you can do here is just install a third party launcher and get the app drawer.

Now let’s begin our list for the Best Android Launchers 2019. If you don’t want to read about every launcher, you can quickly move to the summary list. click here

5 New Best Launchers of 2019

this list of best launchers in 2019 is presented in no particular order.

#1. Niagara launcher

This app is still in its development stage. this is a new launcher for people who don’t want to waste their time and want to quickly open their desired apps. you just scroll through the alphabetical menu here to reach to your desired apps. its so simple.

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best launchers of 2019
5 new best launchers of 2019

This launcher is pretty clean and easy-to-use. This is I included this launcher in my list of 5 best launchers of 2019.

Download Niagara Launcher Here

#2. Lens Launcher

lens launcher is not a new launcher. its been a while since its there on the play store. but not many people know about it. this launcher is a pretty unique one. this is how the homepage looks like. if you swipe through this screen, the apps will pop out and give you a feel as you’re looking them through some lens. so that’s a pretty unique concept there.

best launchers of 2019
5 new best launchers of 2019

All of your apps are displayed in one single screen. Pretty unique launcher and that’s why made it to the list of 5 new best launchers of 2019!

Download Lens Launcher Here

#3. LessPhone Launcher

this launcher is probably the most useful out here in this list of 5 new launchers of 2019. this app will restrict your phone usage if you’re a phone addict. there is only one screen. containing only 4 apps out of which 3 are customizable. you can see pictures of this launcher and read more about this launcher here, I’ve written a dedicated article about this launcher: Click here to read

Download LessPhone Launcher Here

#4. AIO Launcher

this launcher here gives a very fresh and unique look to your device. this launcher does not contain any icons. it just consists of text. as you can see this is what the home screen looks like:

best launchers of 2019
5 new best launchers of 2019

there is a list of my frequently used apps. if we scroll down you will see some useful info here like upcoming festivals and events, USD rate in India, bitcoin rate and other useful stuff right on your home screen. pretty useful right?

Very new and fresh launcher. definitely not the one you’re used to seeing around. That’s why included it in the list of 5 new best launchers of 2019!

Download AIO Launcher Here

#5. POCO Launcher

so this is a launcher used in the new POCO phone. and now it’s available for everyone on the play store. this is a very basic launcher here unlike the ones that are mentioned here in this list. but this is for those who like a more stock and simple launcher. then this is the one you should go for. there are even some tiny nifty features like to search by colours.

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best launchers of 2019
5 new best launchers of 2019

you have to enable this option in settings of this launcher and then you will see a table of colours put in the bottom whenever you open your app drawer. you can quickly tap on any of these colours and it will quickly show you the apps that have the same colour. pretty cool right?!

Download POCO Launcher Here


so that basically wraps up this list of 5 new best launchers of 2019. here’s a summary of what launchers are mentioned in this list of 5 new launchers of 2019:

No. Launcher Download
1 Niagara Click
2 Lens Click
3 LessPhone Click
4 AIO Click
5 POCO Click


Launchers are a great way to customize your Android smartphone in an easy way. You can get more creative with different launchers and different icon packs.

If you don’t like your stock or system launcher and you want a stock android like launcher, then you can use either Google’s own Google Home launcher or the Nova Launcher.

Best android launchers 2019, new launchers 2019
Best android launchers 2019

Nova Launcher Tips-

  • Nova launcher too has a stock android look and functionality but you can further customize it heavily by installing various icon packs and wallpapers.
  • You can even use different icon packs for different app icons simultaneously.
  • Nova launcher even has the backup and restore option so if you’re moving from one device to another, you can simple backup and then restore your nova launcher setup backup on your new device.
  • Nova Launcher even has a premium version which you can buy from the play store. It’s usually available for 99 INR in India but you can get it for as low as 10 INR during special occasions like Diwali etc. and that is how I got it for just 10 INR 😀
  • If you like the launcher setup on Pixel 2 or 3 and want to get the same look on your device, well you can do that with just the help of Nova Launcher. Just watch the following tutorial video ( PS: its super simple 😀 ) :


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