android 10, andorid Q

I know, we all are excited about the next Android version which is the Android 10 and the name alphabetically should be starting with ‘Q’. So what do you think the name of the Android 10 could be?

Google often selects sweet treats to name their Android versions but I don’t see any major/popular sweet name starting with Q, do you? Let us know down in the comments.

India Today has mentioned some of their own guesses and others’ on the internet in their article, you can check it out here.

Android 10 Expected Launch Date

Google seems to continue the trend of launching the developer preview of new Android versions in March.

So, high chances we will see the new Android 10 coming out in March 2019. Google will then continue to release the further beta and then stable roll-outs in the month of August. This is the tradition Google is following from the past few sessions.

But why to think of Android 10 when most of the Android devices aren’t even supported to receive the Android 9 or even 8?! This is the sad reality of many Android smartphones these days. Manufacturers just don’t care to provide the latest Android updates to their 1-2-year-old devices.

OnePlus is probably the only smartphone manufacturer after Google that provides the latest Android updates to even their 3-4-year-old devices. Even the OnePlus 3 & 3T have now received the Android Pie which is awesome!

Anyways, only sweet treats that probably Google can use to name their next Android version is:

  • Queen of Puddings.
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Further shortened as ‘Android Queen‘ as per an estimation by TechAdvisor. What do you think? and what are your guesses about the Android Q or Android 10 names? definitely drop your thoughts down in the comments.


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