Best Android 9 (Pie) Custom ROM for Redmi Note 4 | Easy Guide

best android 9 rom for Redmi Note 4
best android 9 rom for Redmi Note 4

Have you been looking for a perfect Android 9 ROM for Redmi Note 4? In this article, I’m going to tell you the best android 9 ROM for Redmi Note 4 and guide you on how you can install or flash this ROM on your Redmi Note 4.

I will show you the most accurate and easiest way to flash this Android 9 ROM on your Redmi note 4. So let’s get started!

Best Android 9 ROM For Redmi Note 4

Okay, so the ROM we’re going to talk about here is “Pixel Experience” ROM. This ROM was directly ported from the Pixel 2 to straight Redmi Note 4. The ROM has a great history of regular updates. The ROM was originally born with Android oreo but now developers have also made it available with the latest Android 9 that is Android Pie

How To Flash This ROM on Redmi Note 4?

Flashing or installing this ROM on your Redmi Note 4 is all easy if you’re even just a bit experienced with custom ROMs. Now let’s start with the procedure.

here are some prerequisite before getting started with the procedure:

  • You will need to have an Unlocked Bootloader
  • Also, TWRP Installed
  • Download the Pixel Experience ROM from the official website. click here to visit.

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Now we’re ready to flash this ROM! Just follow the following procedure:

  1. boot your Redmi note 4 into the TWRP Recovery, for that hold the volume up and power button together.
  2. Next, go to wipe>advance wipe an then select everything except Internal Storage, SD Card and OTG.
  3. Now just swipe to confirm wipe.
  4. Now come back to the home screen.
  5. Now click Install
  6. Locate and select your android 9 ROM file
  7. now simply swipe to confirm flash.
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And there, you go. Now you can boot your Redmi Note 4 into the system. For that just go back to home screen then go to reboot and then select system.

Now your phone will have a pure Stock Android 9 ROM. Enjoy!


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