10+ Best Icon Packs For Android : Don’t Miss These! 2019

best icon packs for android
best icon packs for android

Android is all about Customization. there are a ton of way by which you can change almost every aspect of your Android device. From changing the wallpaper to installing custom icon packs. Yes, you heard it right. And that’s why you’re here today. You can change the look of your device pretty easily and quickly by just installing a custom icon pack of your choice on your android device. In this “10 Best Icon Packs For Android For Unique & Amazing Look 2019” article, we are going to tell you about some of the best icon packs for your android phone available on Play Store.

These icon packs include all types of icon packs available on play store ranging from minimal to fancy looking icon packs both paid as well free. The option of installing a custom icon pack will not be available on your stock (default) launcher, so you will have to install a custom launcher for that. You can go the following link to know some of the new launchers in the market:

5 new best launchers of 2019

Although there are many more Launchers that support custom icon packs but Nova Launcher is probably the way to go because it has support for almost all the icon packs available on Play Store. There is even a paid version of Nova Launcher which unlocks few additional features such as changing the font size of texts, icons on your screen. You can download Nova Launcher from the following links:

now let’s just move towards the list of the best icon packs for android:

#1. Faded Icon Pack

best icon packs for android

This is a paid icon pack that usually sells for 55 INR. But you can also get it for a cheaper price during special offers or occasions. This icon pack has some really great designs and is based upon a retro-inspired colour palette.

The developer support has been ceased for this icon pack which means this icon pack will not receive any updates further and no new icon packs will be added. This should not be a problem though as this icon pack already support over 2,200 icons. Which includes almost all your basic and popular apps.

  • Price: 55 INR
  • No. of App Icons Supported: 2,200
  • Download

#2. Minimale Icon Pack

best icon packs for android

This is also a paid icon pack. Which also sells for 70 INR. As you can see in the above image, the design is more towards a flat look which makes it clean and minimal icon pack.

I personally love these kinds of design. It even has some pleasing and subtle colours. Which really feels pleasing to look at. it even has wallpaper inside and combining properly, you can get some killer setup on your home screen. and impress your people around! Although it sells for 70 INR but trust me, it even goes for free sometimes without telling anyone. So you will have to keep an eye for it.

You can try this app from the play store which notifies you about apps that were paid but now available for free, and even price drops. This definitely will make things easier.

  • Price: 70 INR
  • No of App Icons Supported: 2,500+
  • Download

#3. Min Icon Pack

best icon packs for android

This icon pack was available on Play Store previously but don’t know why it’s not now. So I’ve provided the APKPURE download link below. The main motive behind this icon pack was to give users probably the most minimal icons. All the icons are super tiny in size and coloured white.

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This icon pack includes wallpapers which definitely suits this icon pack. You can use them both and have a pretty minimal UI on your home screen if you like minimalism very much and want a clutter-free home screen. This also supports many app icons. So you probably don’t need to worry about updates because it’s now available on the Play Store.

  • Price: Free
  • No of App Icons Supported: 1,500+
  • Download

#4. Rugos Icon Pack

best icon packs for android
Rugos (Premiuim)

This Icon pack is both available in free as well as premium version. The free version has limited app icons support as well as limited wallpapers whereas the premium one supports more icons and wallpapers. In my opinion, the free one is also a great choice, no need to spend 85 INR but if you want more icons and want to have an icon for an app which is not already included in the pack, then you buy the premium version.

The design of these icons is a vector based design. It sort of resembles the look of a crushed paper and definitely will look unique on your home screen. Both the versions have many wallpapers inbuilt. Definitely a great icon pack.

  • Price: Free | 85 INR
  • No of App Icons Supported: Free – 1,670 | Premium – 2,450+
  • Download: Free | Premium

#5. Glim & Glim Dark Icon Pack

best icon packs for android

This is another flat design based icon pack but includes some dark colours named as ‘Glim Dark’ and the other one is without dark colours named ‘Glim’. The design is pleasing to look at. The icons have punchy colours. And support many apps. Both these icon packs have their own free and paid versions. Free version supports limited icons and the opposite for the premium one.

As you can already see in the above image, the icons have some really punchy or saturated colours which easily catches your eye. The icon pack even has different colour variants of many popular apps which is a great thing for customizing your setup even further. And combined with some great wallpapers in the background you can get some nice looking home screen setup. It also has wallpapers inbuilt.

  • Price: Free | 70 INR
  • No of App Icons Supported: Free –  Not Specified | Premium – 2,500+
  • Download: Free (Glim Dark)   | Premium (Glim)

#6. Cygnus Icon Pack

best icon packs for android

This is another material design based icon pack. These icons have a slightly tinted edge and soft shadows in them. Which makes is it pleasing to look at. And the design is very detailed. Apparently the best free icon pack in the list.

You can get a killer minimal setup with this icon pack. It also has inbuilt wallpaper inside it (I guess all the icon packs mentioned here have inbuilt wallpapers inside them :p). And definitely check this one out. Highly recommended to use with some suitable wallpapers or it won’t look that good.

  • Price: Free
  • No of App Icons Supported: 800+
  • Download

#7. CandyCons

best icon packs for android

Next one on the list is CandyCons. This is another great free icon pack available on the play store. It also has great design and colour combination.

If used with proper background, you also can have a perfect home screen setup as shown in the above image. The app also has inbuilt wallpapers inside. This icon pack is also inspired by material design and looks clean and pleasing.

  • Price: Free
  • No of App Icons Supported: 1127+
  • Download

#8. Pixip Icon Pack

best icon packs for android

This icon pack is for those who want to make their device look like Google Pixel devices from inside. you can have a setup like pixel devices with the help of Nova launcher and apply this icon pack.

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The icon pack exactly resembles the look of icons on the Pixel 2 device. Which means it is super clean, flat and minimal. You can follow the following video tutorial on how to get Pixel 2 Look on Your Android Device:


  • Price: Free
  • No of App Icons Supported: 4,150+
  • Download

#9. H2O Icon Pack

best icon packs for android

Next one on the list is H2O. Pretty unique name right?! XD. This icon pack is more towards a boxy look but with circular side. Colours look great on this one. This icon pack is inspired by the minimal icons on Hydrogen and Oxygen OS.

This icon pack has many alternative icons for many popular apps, which is great for customization.

  • Price: Free
  • No of App Icons Supported: 4,200
  • Download

#10. OSX Icon Pack

best icon packs for android

This icon pack is for those who don’t have an iPhone but want to have a feel of the iOS UI. That is what this icon pack is made for.

This is inspired by the icons on iOS devices. Apparently the best one in this field. This usually sells for 70 INR but its available for absolutely free at the time of writing this article! So that means you can also get this for free if you find it free. You can use the above-mentioned app to get notified whenever a paid app goes for free on Play Store.

  • Price: 70 INR
  • No of App Icons Supported: 1000
  • Download

#11. Pure Icon Pack

best icon packs for android

Coming to the final product on the list, Pure icon pack. And this is probably the best minimal icon pack you can have. Do you see the above image?! Doesn’t it look incredible? I absolutely loved this one.

This will look absolutely great on bezel-less devices as shown in the above image. This also has some tiny and flat kind of icon designs which really looks premium and beautiful with a suitable background!

This icon pack is price 39 INR on the Play Store but guess what? It’s right now avaible for absolutely no cost and it’s saying that the sale will end in 10 hours. But I’m sure that they keep doing it and it will return again in future. So keep an eye out there or use the app which I mentioned above several times.

  • Price: 39 INR
  • No of App Icons Supported: 1,800+
  • Download

Tip here:

You can use multiple icon packs simultaneously. This feature works best in Nova Launcher. Suppose you like a particular app icon from one pack and you’re already using one. So you can simply

  • select the app in Nova Launcher
  • and go to edit and then the icon selection
  • then choose your desired icon pack form that particular app only.

after that, you will see the change for that particular app only and the other app icons will remain untouched! How cool is that?!

And that basically wraps up this article for the best icon packs for android 2019 edition.

We’ll keep this post updating regularly and add fresh and new icon packs, so we will suggest you that you bookmark this page so that you can come back to this page easily and know more about new icon packs!

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