Bigg Boss 13: Voting, Show Overview, Start Date

bigg boss 13
bigg boss 13

Hello everyone, so recently there’s been a lot of buzz about the upcoming season of bigg boss. Last year we saw the season 12 of bigg boss and this year we are going to see season 13 of this popular tv show. So that means it’s already 13 years since this show first started. Many people in India hate this reality tv show. But many people do like it as well. This show of bigg boss has been also known as the most controversial tv show in India. We are curious to know, what are your thoughts about bigg boss?

Bigg Boss Season 13 Overview

Just like the previous few seasons, this time also the show will be hosted by the Bollywood ka Bhai, Salman Khan. So that is another reason that this show attracts so many viewers! According to the reports Salman is charging around 400 crores INR this time for hosting bigg boss this time. Isn’t that a huge amount?

There have also been some reports that there is going to be no common contestant this time in the house which is really depressing and demotivation news for the common audience who wish to participate in the show. Last year there were many common contestants but this time things are quite the opposite.

There have been some leaks and updates of some contestants becoming part of this show, click here to check.

Rumours are that this time there are going to be around 17 members in the bigg boss house and all of them are celebrities! You can check the latest news & updates about bigg boss on Google.

Bigg Boss Voting: Viewers can now participate in the bigg boss elimination process. Viewers contribute the majority of bigg boss eliminations. They vote for the contestants they want to be in the bigg boss house. Many people watching bigg boss contribute their part in the bigg boss voting. There are also various other versions of bigg boss in various languages. Such as bigg boss Marathi, bigg boss Telugu, bigg boss Tamil and even bigg boss Bengali. Bigg boss has decided to expand their area and trying to cover as many regions as possible.

Bigg Boss is an Indian reality tv show where people from all walks of life get locked together in a house which till the last year was situated in Lonavla but now bigg boss has decided to move their set location and rumours are that bigg boss has already confirmed a new location for bigg boss 13.

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