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how to get more surveys in google opinion rewards
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So you’ve installed the Google Opinion Rewards but not getting surveys resulting in no rewards? if this is the issue, don’t worry I’m here to solve it today. Today I’m going to tell you about a few simple tricks that will definitely help you get more surveys and indirectly more rewards. Using this tricks you will surely receive more & more surveys.

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before that let’s talk about:

How Google Opinion Rewards Distribute Surveys?

So Google Opinion Rewards is basically a way to know more about places, services, products, wants that Google itself can’t reach out to. Sometimes Google requires people’s opinion on building something or help its advertisers in what customers actually want.

Basically Google with this Opinion Rewards platform tries to collect more data from people all around the globe so that they can make their services better or help their advertisers.

This also helps Google in getting an in-depth look at people’s: choices, likes, dislikes, common interests, etc.

Now Suppose Google wants to know what places do people of age 30+ like to visit. So what Google will do here is that they will simply distribute these surveys to people above age 30 and not to the people below the age 30.

This is the reason that you sometimes may or may not get a survey.

How To Get More Surveys in Google Opinion Rewards?

Now let’s come to the point for which you’re here, how to get more surveys in google opinion rewards? Well, there are many things you can do to get more surveys from Google Opinion Rewards.

As stated above that sometimes Google sends surveys only to targeted traffic. In that case, you can’t do anything. If Google finds you eligible for any surveys then you will surely receive them.

Now below are the things you can do to be eligible for most of Google Opinion Rewards surveys:

» Be Honest With Google

The first thing you need to do to get more surveys from Google Opinion Rewards is definitely, to be honest.

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If Google finds that you’re just completing the survey for the sake of receiving rewards then it is more likely that you’re reducing your chances of getting Google Opinion Rewards surveys. So make sure that you’re honest and careful while answering the surveys.

Now if you ask how will Google get to know that I’m cheating? Well, let me tell you. Google is so smart. if Google gets a signal that you’re not paying attention to surveys and answering randomly then it will send you a question and it can come anytime from anywhere in between your survey.

The question will be like, “Select ‘4’ stars from the options below”. and if you go wrong with this, it’s a signal for Google that you don’t pay attention to surveys which will result in you not receiving any further surveys!

» Go to Different Places

As stated above, Google sends people surveys based upon various factors. And sometimes it is also based upon geographical factors like the places you visit, the places you’ve been to in past.

In short, the more places you go the more knowledge you have and the more data Google will like to extract from you. And this is probably the most important thing to do if you wanna get more surveys.

Sometimes, it is also the reason that people don’t get surveys and get upset. The reason is Google does not need any data from them because they simply don’t much. So go to as many places as you can.

» Keep Your Location Turned ON

how to get more surveys in google opinion rewards
Location: ON

So if you’re already following the previous mentioned tip but still not receiving surveys, this might be because you have kept your Location disabled.

Yes, if you visit places and still not receive surveys. The reason is Google is basically not able to track where you’re going to, where you are at currently, which route you travel through and that is because you have kept your Location service OFF.

So always make sure to Enable Location before going anywhere or simply keep it turned ON all the time. I know it consumes battery but you have to do it.

» Allow Required Permissions

If you have not allowed the Google Opinion Rewards to use your location. Then how will it be able to track where you have been and where you currently are? So it is important to allow “Location” permission to this app from the App settings in your phone.

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how to get more surveys in google opinion rewards
Allow all the permissions

Another reason you’re not receiving surveys is that you have incorrectly tuned some settings of your Google Opinion Rewards app.

To keep receiving constant surveys, you need to have your location history enabled from the Google Opinion Rewards app. You may have disabled this feature mistakenly. But it’s super simple to enable it again.

Location History: ON
  • Just swipe right within the app
  • then select settings menu
  • after that select Google Location History
  • and then turn ON Use Location History.

» Be Consistent

If you’re not receiving any surveys. It’s because Google might have forgotten you. So make sure you’re consistent about this app and keep visiting this app regularly.

It will remind Google to send surveys to you. And then you will start receiving surveys from Google.

And now that you’ve followed all the above-mentioned tips and trick, you are all done from your side. There’s nothing more to do here. Now it’s all Google’s task to send you more surveys. And trust me, after following all these tips, you will surely receive more surveys from Google Opinion Rewards and earn more credits!

Some Q&As:

  • Q: How To Spend These Credits?
  • A: You are only allowed to spend these credits to purchase paid apps on the Play Store.


  • Q: How much money credits can you earn from this app per week?
  • A: You can nearly earn about 50 INR per week from this app if you receive an average of 5 surveys per day.


  • Q: Do these tips really work?
  • A: 101%


Now that you’re done with all these tips and tricks, I wish you an All the Best to earn more and more credits from Google Opinion Rewards so that you can freely spend them on the Play Store and get those expensive apps for absolutely for free!

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