Now Become an ‘MX Creator’ on MX Player and Make Money

MX Creator, MX creator platform
MX player creator platform

So MX Player with its new update 1.10 has introduced a new thing to its users. MX Player now has a YouTube-like platform for creators. Just like facebook launched its creator platform and pays them for their content.

Creators on this platform (MX Player) will be known as MX Creators. MX Player is going to pay creators for their content based on their performance of the content.

Any user of MX Player can become a creator on this platform and make money by producing content for MX Player.

MX Creator, MX creator platform
MX Player Creator Platform

MX Player was probably preparing for this from a while ago because they first introduced their ‘Online’ section in the app where users can watch content from the cloud. And with the new version introduced, there is even a third section called ‘Me’ which is obviously the profile page of MX player users.

In this section, there is this option called ‘Become MX Creator’, where users can apply for the creator platform on MX Player.

How to Join the MX Creator Programme?

  • Step 1: Make sure you are on the latest version of MX Player.
  • Step 2: head over to the ‘Me’ section in the app.
MX Creator, MX creator platform
Become MX Creator
  • Step 3: Go to ‘Become MX Creator’.
  • Step 4: Fill the form and wait for approval.
MX Creator, MX creator platform
Fill the Form
  • Step 5: After receiving the approval from MX Player, you can start uploading your video on the platform and make money with MX Player.

MX Player Creator Platform (MX Creator) Features:

all the below features are directly grabbed from the app itself, none of the words/sentences below is put by us

Maximum Reach:

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“Reach your audience like never before with over 175 million monthly active users in India across all major languages.”

Maximum Earnings:

“Be a part of our digital first entertainment platform and get the most attractive revenue share opportunity in the market with MX player.”

Analytics and Insights:

“Make smart decisions by having access to all video metrics including views, time spent, audience insights across Android, iOS and web platforms.”

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