event blogging
event blogging

So if you wanna quickly make money online, event blogging is apparently the best way to do so. You can easily make 1000$ per day from a well-established event blog.

before going any further lets talk about:

What is Event Blogging?

event blogging
event blogging

So event blogging is not at all a complicated concept. Its name says it all.

» Event Blogging : Blogging on events

Let me explain it further. Event blogging means blogging on the occasion of trending : events, festivals etc. Occasions like Diwali, IPL, New Year, Christmas, FIFA are a great time to do event blogging! If you want to start a country specific event blog, you can search on google like “upcoming events in country X”. And then make a list of events you would like make an event blog on.

Which Country To Target For Event Blogging?

event blogging
event blogging

You can target any country specific event like Thanks Giving Day in USA, Diwali in India, Canada day in Canada or anything. Or else you can even target the entire globe at once. Like, one festival that apparently every country celebrates is New Year.

Yes, As per my knowledge, New Year is an event that everyone celebrates in the world and almost at the same time of the year. Do your research and you can even find some new events that everyone in the world celebrates.

Let me give you a few more ideas. Event blog doesn’t specifically need to be on festivals. It can even consist of some events that are happening in every country at once. Like a sport, achievement, or any remarkable thing that happens and everyone’s searching about it.

Fifa is a sport event that probably everyone in the world knows about and search for. You can start event blogging on such events.

What to Write on an Event Blog?

event blogging
event blogging

This is a very common question that arises on everyone’s mind when they hear about event blogging for the very first time.

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And that is a very good question too. And the answer for it is you may need to write on event blogs or you may not. People do not search for articles on events. Searches on events are very different.

Let’s take an example of blogging on New Year here. So what do you think people will search on New Year? Think about it. Now let me tell you what people search on New Year on the internet

People will search on New Year for:

  • Happy new year messages
  • new year wishes
  • Happy new year whatsapp wishes
  • new year greetings etc.

Did you get anything? You need to give people what they want on specific events. And if you work on events like FIFA then you will need to write articles on your event blog. Now what kind of articles people will search for?

  • where to buy tickets for fifa 2019?
  • how to watch fifa online?
  • fifa match timetable 2019 etc.

So above were some examples of what people will search on the event of FIFA online. You can do your own research and find your own unique event and content.

Which platform to choose to do Event Blogging?

event blogging
event blogging

This is another common question when you’re going to start an event blog. There are apparently two platforms you can use to start event blogging:

  1. Paid
  2. Free

Examples of Paid platform is blogging on hosting facility. You’ll need to keep your website on the internet to start event blogging and for that you will need a hosting plan. There are several websites out there that provide free hosting service but i would personally not recommend anyone to use those services because you just can’t rely on a service that is not well-established and provides slow and unstable servers which mostly occurs in case of free hosting services. You can then install WordPress on your hosting which is the most recommended one.

But there are even many cheap hosting services that provide quality hosting in cheap price. you can simply search on google for that same.

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Now example of free platform is Google’s own blogger. And this is by far the best platform to start your event blog on. It sometimes even outperforms the premium hosting services. Now you will ask how? So if your website luck-by-chance gets a lot of traffic, then trust me, most of the cheap or event standard hosting providers won’t be able to handle it and your website will slow down and crash like hell.

While if you host your website on blogger which is Google’s own free service, then your website can handle literally any amount of traffic that your website faces. Because blogger website content are stored in Google own servers and you just can’t doubt on the strength Google’s own servers!


How To Rank Event Blogs?

event blogging
event blogging

Event blogs are a bit difficult to rank compared to standard blogs as you have less time. And well if you want to rank your event blog, here are few tips that will work 100% :

  • I will suggest you to purchase the best possible top level domain for your event blog like .com, .in, etc. Because Google’s algorithm gives more priority to such domains to rank.
  • Try to use an exact similar domain name as the event you’re planning to work on. Like if you’re planning to work on New Year, then search for domains like “happynewyear.com”, “newyear2019.com” or anything like that. But it need to be rekated to that specific event, that specific keyword that you’re going to work on.
  • Fill your website with your targeted event name like if you plan to work on New Year, then use this keyword as much as possible but just don’t fill it only with the keywords as Google can identify this easily and blacklist your website so that it won’t appear in search results ever at all!


so that was my guide and explanation on event blogging and how you can make money through it. If you like it please consider sharing with your friends and feel free to ask your queries/doubts in the comments below! Thanks!

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