OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1 : Price, Specifications, Camera

OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1
OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1

OnePlus just announced its new flagship device, the OnePlus 6T which is an upgraded version of the OnePlus 6. Since both the POCO F1 and OnePlus 6T are made to replace the top tier flagships why not let’s compare both of these flagship killers and put them side-by-side. in this article, we put the OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1 to see which one is better and why and which device is best for you!

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before we start with the comparison, here’s a comparison chart of the specs of both these devices to give you a quick overview :

Features OnePlus 6T POCO F1
Display 6.41-inch FHD+ OLED 6.18 inch FHD+ IPS
Camera 16+20 MP 12+5 MP
OIS Yes No
Processor Snapdragon 845 Snapdragon 845
Battery 3,700nmAh 4,000 mAh
RAM (base) 6 GB 6 GB
Price (starting) ~40,000 INR 20,999 INR


now that you’re done with the specs, let’s begin with our OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1 comparison.

OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1 : Gaming

If you’re buying a flagship device, gaming would be the thing you will surely be looking for. Since both of these devices come with the same processor and RAM configuration there is no major difference between both of these.

Both of devices have the same amount of power inside them. Both of these can run any game that you would like to play in high graphics and frame rate.

OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1 : Camera

The camera is a very important factor of any device. While there’s not much of major improvement to the OnePlus 6T from the previous OnePlus 6, there are definitely some minor ones. While taking a look at the POCO F1, we’ve seen that POCO F1 performs really well in the camera department.

But the cameras on the OnePlus 6 were not any behind and this time, it’s even better with the OnePlus 6T.

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here’s a quick camera specs comparison chart: (to be updated)

Feature OnePlus 6T POCO F1
Camera (Rear)
  • 16 MP f/1.7
  • +20 MP
  • Has OIS
  • Supports up to 480fps 4K
  • 12MP Sony IMX363 + 5MP Samsung, f/1.75
  • 1.4μm pixel size
  • Photo resolution: 4032×3024 pixels
  • Dual LED flash
  • Supports 4K video recording, does not support optical image stabilization
  • Digital zoom/dual zoom
  • AF: Dual-Pixel autofocus
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
Camera (front) 20 MP Front
  • 20MP, f/2.0
  • Face unlock
  • Photo resolution: 2592×1940 pixels
  • Supports 1080p video recording
  • Digital Zoom
  • AF: Fixed focus
  • Portrait mode


now let’s begin with the camera samples!

POCO F1 camera samples:


as you can see, the images from the POCO F1 turn out to be really good under daylight. Dynamic range is also really good. colours also seem to be on point.

POCO F1 Low Light
POCO F1 Low Light

as you can already see in the above pictures, the POCO F1 does a great job in low light too. The images are sharp and well detailed. The noise level is low too. The overall picture in low light turned to be pretty impressive from this 300 USD phone.

OnePlus 6T Camera Samples:

There is no difference in the camera hardware between the previous OnePlus 6 and the new OnePlus 6T. But there are few software upgrades that make the OnePus 6T cameras even better. The cameras on the OnePlus 6T do a great job by capturing great daylight and even ow light images.

here are some camera samples from the OnePlus 6T as shared by the OnePlus team at the launch.

OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1
OnePlus 6T Camera Sample

As you can see the low light images from the OnePlus 6T are very sharp and well-detailed too. We currently have this one camera sample from the OnePlus 6T only but we’ll update this post as we get more samples from the OnePlus 6T cameras.

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As of now, you be the judge and see which one is better.

OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1 : Display

The display plays an important role in building a great flagship phone. The display on the POCO F1 is a 6.18-inch FHD+ 18.7:9 ratio (notch) IPS panel with the Gorilla Glass (version not specified by the company) protection on top.


While on the other hand, the OnePlus 6T features a 6,41 inch FHD+ OLED display with a waterdrop notch and in-display fingerprint technology.

OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1
OnePlus 6T Display

The bottom chin is also now smaller on the new OnePlus 6T which is a slight improvement over the OnePlus 6. So for display, the OnePlus 6T has an edge here.

OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1 : Battery

The battery is a very important factor of a phone and can be a deal breaker for many just like me. So having a bigger battery is always a great thing.

The battery on the POCO F1 is a massive Non-removable Li-Po 4000 mAh battery. while on the other hand, the OnePlus 6T features a smaller 3,700 mAh of battery. So if the battery is your topmost priority, you better go with the POCO F1.

But keep in mind that both of these devices come with some sort of fast charging. The POCO F1 supports the Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 while on the other hand OnePlus 6T has its own proprietary Dash Charging V2.0 which is apparently the fastest charging technology in the world.

So you decide what you want, a larger battery or faster charging!


So that was basically our comparison between the OnePlus 6T vs POCO F1. we hope you like our comparison. both of these devices are equally good. It’s up to you that how much you want to spend. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

Thank You!


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