POCO F2 – Will POCO Hold Upto The Expectations?


The POCO F1 is the most value for money smartphone at this point. It comes with the most powerful chip, the Snapdragon 845 at just the starting price of Rs. 21,000. It even has evenly good performing optics. All of this at just Rs. 21,000. Can you even believe?! But will we get to see this same trend in the POCO F2?

Most Brands Price their phones more than 50,000 atleast that have Snapdragon 845 except the new ones like the Asus Zenfone 5Z and the OnePlus 6. And here we’re getting the same power at just Rs. 21,000.

But Will the brand POCO be able to maintain this? Will we get to see the same price in the future? That’s the most important question right now.

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POCO F2 Expectations?

So what should we actually expect from the POCO F2? Well, looking at the POCO F1 the major selling point for this phone is definitely:

  • flagship performance
  • great cameras
  • great battery life
  • And obviously the Pricing!

If POCO would maintain this key features in the upcoming POCO F2, then no doubt, this would also a game changer in the market and also would be loved by the consumers. And generate several crores of money just like the POCO F1 in the very first sale.


Here are the key features that consumers would expect from the POCO F2:

  1. flagship level performance
  2. great cameras
  3. great pricing
  4. grate build (optional)

Be sure to leave your desired feature that you’d love to see in the upcoming phone from POCOphone, the POCO F2 in the comments below! We hope you liked this article. Be sure to share with your tech savvy friends!

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