Samsung One UI Supported Devices List | Samsung New Skin

Samsung One UI Supported Devices List, samsung new UI
Samsung One UI Supported Devices List

So Samsung in its developer conference has announced pretty exciting things this time in 2018 like the folding phone along with their new custom skin named as “One UI“. Which is a totally new user interface for Samsung devices. And here in this “Samsung One UI Supported Devices List” article, we are going to tell you which Samsung devices are gonna get this One UI in future updates.

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before that let’s discuss:

What is this new “One UI”

Samsung has created this new custom skin for its premium range of smartphones which are S and Note series. The UI features a completely different look from the current UI. The new UI is built for devices with larger displays, so you might see some features that will make your tasks easier on big displays with this One UI.

the UI has some pretty noticeable changes like rounded corners, the new design of icons and also some great software features!

Few Features of the new One UI

  • The new One UI comes with a feature called ‘Focus Blocks‘ which will basically group related settings or apps depending upon where you are on your phone. As mentioned above, this is one of the few features that is built to make operating large displays easily.
  • The UI will also place some key buttons on the bottom of the screen itself depending on what app you’re using so that it’s easily accessible for users. Samsung also stated that it’s the most user-friendly interface.
  • The ‘One UI‘ will also feature a ‘night mode‘ which will use black background all across the phone to save battery and more comfort ness while using the phone in dark.
  • Another great feature in the new ‘One UI’ is that you’ll get to see personalised theme deepending what colour phone you’re using. Ex:- Suppose you’re using a blue coloured Note 9, so now you will see blue colour all across your phone to give you a more personalised feel.
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Samsung One UI Supported Devices List

Now let’s come to the point and see which devices are going to get this new UI. Only a few devices such as:

  • Galaxy S9 & S9+
  • galaxy Note 9

are going to get this new ‘One UI‘ with future updates. These updates will start to roll out from January 2019.

Unfortunately, previous S series and Note series phones will not be updated with this UI.

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