LessPhone: Best Launcher App To Stop Smartphone Addiction 2019

best launcher app to stop smartphone addiction
smartphone addiction

Do you wanna get rid of your habit of using your smartphone all the time and want to get more involved in real life? Today I’m going to tell you probably the best launcher app to stop smartphone addiction which will help you achieve your goals!

In this article, I’m going to tell you about a launcher that will help you stop your smartphone addiction! but before that let’s talk about:

What is smartphone addiction?

smartphone addiction is a phrase that is self-explanatory. Smartphone addiction » being addicted of smartphones. Smartphones were invented to reduce the time of few particular tasks that would take a lot of time without a smartphone like messaging someone way far away from you etc. but in modern times its turning out to be the biggest reason of why our work is getting delayed or not even being done.

That’s because we’re so addicted towards our smartphones that we totally forget to do our work and getting more involved in real life which is more important.

Best Launcher App to Stop Smartphone Addiction

So the app that w’re talking about here is LessPhone launcher. Its a launcher that will only display 4 apps from your entire phone and lock them in one screen out which 2 apps are Tasks app and phone app. these 2 apps are already set there, you cannot replace the taska app but you can replace the Call/Phone app but I would not suggest to do so. and other 2 are replaceable. you can replace these 2 slots with apps that you will like to use.

  • Tip here: try avoiding placing social media apps here.
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best launcher app to stop smartphone addiction
LessPhone Launcher

This is how the LessPhone launcher looks like. I have put two custom apps here (those in between). First is WhatsApp as you can see to stay connected with friends and family when necessary and the next one is Twitter to stay updated with happenings around the world.

you can change this apps and replace them with apps that you would like to use by going into the settings menu of this launcher.

best launcher app to stop smartphone addiction
LessPhone – Settings

This is the settings menu of LessPhone launcher. You can change these apps whenever possible but remember my above mentioned tip here that don’t place social media apps like instagram or facebook.

Download Less Phone Launcher:     Download


LessPhone is a great app that really has potential to stop your smartphone addiction. yes you can uninstall and easily get out of the boundaries set by this app but no app can stop you from doing so.

If you really want to stop your smartphone addiction you won’t do such things and work being dedicated. Thank you!

PS: This is not a sponsored post!


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