[Simple] Redmi Note 6 Pro Bootloader Unlock Guide

redmi note 6 pro bootloader unlock
redmi note 6 pro bootloader unlock

so you’ve bought the latest Redmi note 6 pro and looking forward to unlocking the bootloader of the same? then you are at the right place. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can easily unlock the bootloader of your Redmi Note 6 Pro.

Unlocking the bootloader of the Redmi Note 6 Pro is a very simple task but it might take some time (anywhere from 1-7 days) if you are new to a Xiaomi device.

Why unlock the bootloader of a device?

there are many reasons you may want to unlock the bootloader of your device for, such as:

  • to be able to root your phone
  • to be able to flash custom ROM
  • to be able to install modules
  • modify your device completely etc.

Unlock Bootloader of Redmi Note 6 Pro

now let’s begin with the procedure of unlocking the bootloader of Redmi Note 6 Pro.

Pre-requisites before starting the procedure:

*Have a mi account
*Download the Mi Flash Unlock Tool from the official website

Now let’s start the procedure 🙂

1. Apply for unlocking your device with your new Mi account

you will not have to do this if you have already unlocked any of your previous Xiaomi device with the same Mi account that you’re going to use with this one. otherwise, you can follow this step:

  1. go to this site: https://en.miui.com/unlock/
  2. now click ‘unlock now’.
  3. now if your desktop page has crashed or not loading further, you can try doing this in a smartphone.
  4. redmi note 6 pro bootloader unlockSign in
  5. assuming you have successfully completed the previous steps and now you are on a page which looks like this (URL: http://en.miui.com/unlock/apply.php):
  6. redmi note 6 pro bootloader unlockApplication page
  7. if it is then just fill in your details and type a message for them to allow unlocking bootloader of your Xiaomi device.
  8. Note: You have to be genuine here, mention real reasons as this message is going to be examined by real humans.
  9. now just hit enter and send in your request
  10. it can take anywhere from 0-7 days for them to approve your application to unlock the bootloader of your device.
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2. Unlock the bootloader of Redmi Note 6 Pro:

assuming you have got the permission to unlock the bootloader of your device, we can move on with the further steps:

firstly we will have to change a few settings in your Mi device:

  • enable developer mode
  • enable OEM unlocking

» now, download and open the Mi Flash Unlock tool. Link: https://en.miui.com/unlock/download

» then sign in with your Mi account on which you got the approval to unlock the bootloader. make sure that same account is signed in your Mi device as well.

» now that you’ve done that, boot your device into fastboot mode, for that: hold the volume down and power button together.

» now connect your phone and PC with a USB cable. (make sure it’s working)

» after you connect your phone to the PC, you can now click ‘Unlock’ on your PC and your bootloader will be unlocked!

NOTE: The bootloader will only be successfully unlocked if you do this after 6-7 days of receiving the permission to unlock. otherwise, it will give errors and won’t unlock your device.

Final Words

So that was our tutorial on how you can unlock the bootloader of your Redmi Note 6 Pro. We hope this article helped you.

If you have any doubts, queries or suggestions regarding this article then feel free to let us know by commenting in the comments section below.

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