Xiaomi is Launching its Own Survival Game Like PUBG | How To Play?

xiaomi's own survival game
Xiaomi's own Survival Game

As battle royale games are mainstream these days, Xiaomi is secretly working on Launching its very own survival game.

Xiaomi is already inviting its beta testers to test their game. If you also like to join the beta testing, you can always apply from the link given below:


About the Survival Game

so Xiaomi’s survival game is a mixture of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite and is a battle royale game. In which the player last standing wins the match. The survival game is more towards sci-fi looks unlike the realist look on PUBG.

Just like the other two games, in the survival game also players are sent to the land via a spaceship and then they’ll have to gather resources to fight and survive the entire game.

The survival game is solely developed by India’s No.1 Brand, Xiaomi.

reports suggest that the game will be very well optimised to support a large number of devices. The game will also allow the users to customise their own characters independently just like the other two games that are PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.


The game is more towards a sci-fi look which looks similar to the cartoonish look on Fortnite :p which is not necessarily bad. Things like buildings and roads in this game match to the ones on PUBG Mobile.


So battle royale has become so popular that even smartphone manufacturers are starting to jump into this field. We’ll see and update you guys about the official release dates of this game. So stay tuned for that on our website.


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